Texas is in play for Democrats in 2020. All the polls show it, including two recent surveys that put Biden and Trump in a dead-heat in Texas. We have a chance to flip the Texas House and pick up U.S. Congressional seats, too. But we cannot take anything for granted and Republicans have put intentional roadblocks in our path to victory. One of these roadblocks is the removal of straight ticket voting.

Republican leaders in the Texas legislature removed our right to vote a straight ticket, beginning with the November 2020 election.Texans, and many minority voters, have used the straight ticket for decades as a way of voting for all the nominees of their party. This is a HUGE potential problem. Many Democratic candidates could lose out on votes unless we prepare voters to go all the way down their ballots.

REGISTER TODAY for an important Community Conversation, Thursday, May 14, 6:30-7:30pm, led by former Obama U.S. Trade Ambassador Ron Kirk about the impact of eliminating the straight ticket, and what we can do to prepare. You can participate in this meeting using ZOOM, or by calling in. 

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Sheriff Marian Brown


Straight Talk About the Loss of Straight Ticket VotingThursday, May 14, 6:30-7:30pmZoom MeetingRegister for log-in and call-in information:

Emcee: Former Obama Trade Ambassador Ron KirkGuests: State Senator Royce West, State Representatives Carl Sherman, Nicole Collier and Lorraine Birabil, Judge Monica Purdy, Judge Elizabeth Frizell, Judge Eric V. Moye, Commissioner John Wiley Price, Sheriff Marian Brown, Tarrant County Chair Deborah Peoples