From Duncanville to Dallas County

Chief Brown grew up in Dallas. She was educated in Dallas Public Schools. She is a graduate of University of Texas Arlington, where she obtained her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communications.


Dallas County

Chief Brown began her law enforcement career in 1988 with the Duncanville, Tx. Police Department as a pioneer, being the first African American female police officer. Chief Brown rose quickly within the ranks from a patrol officer. Her experience includes serving as a first line supervisor; formulating and supervising the Community Oriented Policing Unit; Crime prevention/Community Relations Supervisor; Patrol Watch Commander; Criminal Investigations Commander; and Assistant Chief of Police.

Chief Brown holds a Master Peace Officer Certification from the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement. She is a graduate of the International Law Enforcement Institute’s Command College as well as the FBI National Academy Associates’ Command College. She has received training in Special Investigative Topics, Crime Prevention, Hostage Negotiation, and holds an Instructor Certification.

Currently, Chief Brown serves as Chief Deputy of General Services with the Dallas County Sheriff’s Department. Her area of responsibility includes directing three assistant chiefs who manage Human Resource Development/ Training and Personnel; Judicial Services (Bailiffs); Warrant and Civil Execution; Criminal Investigations; Highway Management/Traffic/Patrol; Courtesy Patrol and Communications.

Chief Brown takes pride in using her experience to educate the community and promote partnerships that foster genuine, positive relationships between police and the community.